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Our Story


The idea for the gate latch came about organically through simply trying to make my life easier.

I work on a horse farm in Victoria, Australia and  each day I am constantly opening and closing  standard chain farm gates many times.   

It was during the development of the Push n Go gate opener (in development) that I saw a horseshoe lying next to a gate latch. 

I spent about an hour mulling things over in my head and then started to make the first auto locking gate latch.

The next day I fitted it to a gate at Urban Trails, took a quick video on my phone and knocked off for the day.

That night I sat on the couch with little else to do and uploaded the very basic video to Facebook.  I had a page to showcase the ‘Stuff I Make’ and hoped to sell a few items.  At that point I had been on Facebook for two months and had 80 Likes.

Three days later, thanks to the power of social media, my following had increased to over 20,000 and there had been six million people viewing and sharing the original video across the globe.

Pretty soon orders and requests for the latch flooded in.  I had to turn my Facebook notifications off my phone just so I could use it!

With the feedback and suggestions from the Facebook community, I redesigned the auto locking gate latch to its current form. My partner Tracey and I went into immediate production, with all parts being supplied, laser cut and hot galvanised dipped by Australian companies and welded by my son and I.

Traoss continues to grow from these humble beginnings and has plans to innovate further solutions for life in the paddock for our customers across the globe. We are wholly family owned business and proudly manufacture all products in Australia. We look forward to sharing more of our story with you.

Ross and Tracey







 Founders, Traoss Paddock Solutions